Your Benefits.

JRC LIVE is an integrated and customizable solution, developed for logisticians by logisticians.

  • Confident decision making and value network control
  • Understand your network structure, critical partners and routes – to know where to look first
  • Understand performance in your network in order to differentiate systemic failure from disruption
  • Distinguish relevant information from noise

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Your Return on Invest.

Reduced CO2 Footprint

Gaining efficiency in your supply chain not only helps you save time and money but may also help you reducing your CO2 footprint.

Accurate Tracking

Real-time monitoring of your ships, trains and trucks by enriching your internal data with external data sources.

Higher Efficiency

Increased transparency leads to higher efficiency (shorter lead times and lower inventory levels).

Our Approach.

Start small, step by step. Think big.

1 Supply Chain Analytics

Understand static and dynamic criticality in your system.

2 Rule-Based Reasoning

Derive rules in order to monitor static and dynamic criticality in your system. Fact and rule-based reasoning in real-time.

3 Customized & Integrated Visuals

Develop customized visuals in order to have full control on criticality for visual-based decision-making.

4 System Integration

Purposefully enrich knowledge by integrating external data sources. Go Live.


See our Josef Ressel Center research lab in Eberstalzell in action.

Industry Partners.

Together with BMW Group and the Alpha Retail Network by Hofer we generate expertise in both automotive and retail logistics.

Scientific Partners.

We are working closely with our scientific partners, including the University of Mannheim, Bundeswehr University Munich, University of Oxford, and the Logistikum of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

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Acknowledgements: The financial support by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development is gratefully acknowledged.

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