We help you regaining your supply chain sovereignty.

Base Visibility

Your Network. Your Structure.

Structural Network Analysis

Do you know your network well enough?

Tell us what you know about your company network with the names of your customers and suppliers. We then jointly explore your network and highlight your dependency on your suppliers, customers, industries and markets.

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Extend Visibility

Monitoring and managing a living organism.

Demand Uncertainty – Part Criticality

Do you know your demand well enough?

Significantly changing your production quantity today – how will this impact your future part availability and supply demand?

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Time Uncertainty – Time Criticality

Do you know your supply chain reliability well enough?

Will your shipments be on-time? What transport routes/partners/logistics hubs bring the highest risk/uncertainty to your network?

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Inventory Analysis - Part Criticality

Do you know your local inventory levels and inventory ranges in your global network well enough?

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Enhance Visibility

Enhance visibility by integrating external data sources.

Fincancial distress

Do you know the financial situation of your supply chain partners well enough?

Any financially distressed suppliers in your supply chain?

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Track your shipments

Do you know your transport arrivals well enough?

Do you know the arrival times of your transports in near-real time? Will changing arrival times be updated and interpreted automatically in your system.

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More to come

Integrate and utilize any system you like.

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Regaining supply chain sovereignty.

Acknowledgements: The financial support by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development is gratefully acknowledged.

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